1. Public safety rules.

1.1 In implementation of the measures to be adopted by order of the public safety authority (Prefecture of Ravenna - Fasc. 2015/9095/ Area 1/O.S.P.), in order to ensure safety conditions in the areas intended for public aggregation, the Management of Mirabilandia Park - Standiana Park s.r.l. has adopted the following Regulations, with which the public of visitors must comply while accessing and staying inside the Park:

  • Persons and their clothing, bags, backpacks and any other items may be subject to security checks and inspections at the entrance, before entering the Park, and inside the Park. Security check and inspection means (1) a limited check on the visitor's person, in order to ascertain the possible presence of objects potentially likely to offend or injure the safety of others or to damage property and things, (2) the inspection of bags, backpacks, pouches, cases etc., and other personal items in the possession of the visitor, including through the use of metal detectors. By requesting access to the Park and/or by purchasing the admission ticket, the visitor unreservedly accepts that security checks be carried out on his or her person, clothing, backpacks, containers, bags or other objects held by him or her, in compliance with the law and the provisions of these Regulations. Mirabilandia Management reserves the right to prohibit entry to persons who intend to prevent the above checks and inspections, subject to reporting the facts to the competent Authority.
  • Persons with objects having bulky dimensions such as, for example, trolleys, cool bags, suitcases, trolleys, with the exception of strollers, wheelchairs or similar for the transport of children or disabled guests and to holders of entrance tickets issued by Mirabilandia Vacanze are not allowed to enter the Park. It follows that the Park reserves the right to restrict access to any type of bag, suitcase or other container as well as its contents.
  • Bags, sacks, backpacks and objects of any kind are not allowed to be left unattended, which, if they are, should be deposited at the storage room located in the locker rooms. Items found unattended or unsupervised by Park personnel will be checked and taken to the storage room located at the locker rooms, from which they may be collected. In such a case, the rightful owner of such items may not make any claim or demand against the Park.
  • Entry to the Park or stay in it is not permitted to holders of weapons, knives, metal cutlery, glass bottles, canned beverages, sticks or even potential offensive instruments, as well as to holders of alcoholic beverages, drugs and/or narcotics, persons in disguise or with a covered face.

2. Guest Responsibilities.

2.1 Guests (i) MUST READ AND OBSERVE the rules, warnings, and recommendations as well as enjoy the Park, its attractions and premises in a proper and safe manner, and (ii) OBEY all instructions and directions given by Park staff.

2.2 Guests who come with dependents who, for reasons of age and/or disability, cannot adequately read or understand the rules, warnings and/or written or oral recommendations as well as instructions and directions also provided by Park staff, must ensure that these are properly explained to them. Park staff are available to provide information or requests for clarification.

2.3 Guests must act responsibly for their own health and safety, that of their dependents, other visitors as well as Park employees.

3. Conditions of use of attractions.

3.1 CAUTION. Please check your physical and emotional condition before enjoying the water areas and attractions.

3.2 The attractions and other areas and facilities in the Park can provide our visitors with wonderful memories and exciting fun! But the attractions and water areas can also be adrenaline-pumping activities that put your body under stress through different forces (centrifugal and centripetal), speed, fast and unpredictable movements, which can push you in different directions and can cause, among other things, muscle tension and stress in your neck and back, increased heart rate and blood pressure.

3.3 It is therefore very important that you and your family members do not use the attractions or participate in any activities if you are under the influence of alcohol, any medication or any other substance that may impair your health, senses, mental awareness, reflexes and coordination.

3.4 Do not use any attraction or participate in any activity if you are (or suspect you are) pregnant, if you have, have had, or believe you have any medical condition, pre-existing health problem, or injury, including but not limited to heart, neurological problem, muscle, back, neck, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, brain, eyes, ears, or any other disease or injury that may be triggered or aggravated by use of the attraction or participation in the activity.

3.5 Only you can determine if you or your dependents are physically and mentally fit to safely use an attraction or take part in any other activity.

3.6 Only you can determine whether, you or your dependents are physically and mentally fit enough to safely use a particular attraction or take part in a certain activity within the Park.

3.7 The Park cannot guarantee your health or the health of your dependents if you behave in a manner outside the scope of these regulations.

3.8 Remember that you accept the risks involved in enjoying any attraction or activity you choose to participate in. If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help you.

3.9 With the above in mind, please remember that the water areas and attractions at MIRABEACH Park have been designed and built to ensure maximum safety for everyone who uses them, children and adults alike. Therefore, please follow the rules posted near the entrances to the aquatic areas and individual attractions.

To this end, we recommend that you:

  • scrupulously observe the instructions given by the Park staff;

while it is mandatory to:

  • keep both children and inexperienced swimmers under constant supervision by parents or accompanying adults who are responsible for their supervision.
  • use life jackets by children, inexperienced swimmers and those who are unable to swim;
  • launch themselves from slides by crossing their legs and holding their hands behind the back of their necks;
  • do not come down the slides with valuable objects that could be lost along the way;
  • at the approach of a thunderstorm: immediately leave the pools and move away from them; do not stand under trees or stay in their vicinity.


  • diving and running in the water areas;
  • pushing other people;
  • playing dangerous games in or out of the pools;
  • go down the slides together with another person where not provided for in the individual use regulations;
  • going down slides with your head down;
  • going down from slides while standing or kneeling;
  • going down the slides with earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.; and
  • go down the slides or enjoy the pools while wearing goggles not tied to the head with a safety lace;
  • stand on the slide path or in the slide arrival/exit space;
  • climbing on the structures of the attractions;
  • use of the Area's slides by heart patients, pregnant women and handicapped persons whose characteristics are such that they cannot guarantee their own or others' safety and security in the enjoyment of the attractions and/or water areas;
  • smoking, drinking or eating within the aquatic areas, attractions and their waiting areas;
  • accessing the pools with wheelchairs and/or strollers.

4. General Rules.

4.1 The Park is open to the public daily until and including September 4 from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Guests are advised that in order to allow the attraction to close by the closing time of the Park, access to the queue may be closed early.

4.2 We recommend that guests adhere to the rules posted at the entrance to each facility and strictly observe the directions of the staff assigned to each attraction.

4.3 The Guest, before purchasing a ticket, should inquire about any problems related to the influx, weather conditions or any technical issues that may limit the operation of one or more attractions and the general enjoyment of the Park and/or its services.

4.4 The ability to pay in cash is guaranteed throughout the Park. However, at points of sale in the Park such as ticket offices, restaurants, and stores, there are tills where payment can only be made by debit/credit card or mobile devices. In any case, at least one cash register is always available for visitors to pay with cash. The points of sale are equipped with special information boards.

4.5 Disabled guests and their companions, before entering the Park, must read the appropriate Accessibility Guide published on the Park's website and comply with the provisions therein.

4.6 The entrance ticket, once endorsed at the turnstiles, is non-refundable. The ticket must be kept during the entire stay in the Park and on request shown to Park staff and/or the relevant Authorities. Any misuse of Park admission tickets or coupons, including fraudulent, deceptive, dishonest use by the ticket holder and/or resale or forgery of tickets or coupons is prohibited.

4.7 Public access may be restricted if maximum capacity is completed/exhausted.

4.8 Sunbeds, umbrellas and tables are available free of charge and subject to availability.

4.9 It is permitted to leave Mirabeach and re-enter on the same day with the appropriate stamp, to be obtained from the staff at the entrances. In the absence of such stamp, to be shown together with the entrance ticket, re-entry will no longer be permitted.

4.10 In order to use both parks (Mirabilandia and Mirabeach) on the same day, it is necessary to purchase both admission tickets and properly use the personal identification system.

4.11 Due to maintenance needs or lack of electricity some areas or attractions may not be usable, as well as in case of adverse weather conditions (e.g., bad weather, rain) they may be stopped for safety reasons. In all cases there is no refund of the ticket, even partial refund. Some areas or attractions may be subject to delayed opening. Under all circumstances, especially in situations of adverse weather conditions and in case of emergency, it is essential to always follow the instructions given by the Park staff/lifeguards.

4.12 It is mandatory that entry to the pools and attractions is through the designated foot washing and shower passages, which ensure the cleanliness of the bather. To ensure an adequate level of hygiene within the Park, it is prohibited to:

  • spitting in the water of the pools or spilling liquids of any kind in them;
  • urinating, defecating and cleansing any wounds in the pool;
  • dipping into the pool if one or more parts of the body are smeared with oils, creams, and similar substances of any kind.

4.13 Persons with wounds, abrasions, injuries, or skin changes of a suspected infected nature (warts, dermatitis, mycosis, etc.) and persons with cast limbs, rigid bandages, and braces are prohibited from entering the pools and attractions. Access to the pools will be denied by the supervisory staff. The user will only be allowed to enter the pool by showing a medical certificate stating that the presented injuries are compatible with bathing in a public place.

4.14 Persons in an altered mental and physical state (drunkenness, drug impairment, etc.) are prohibited from entering the pool.

4.15 It is forbidden to circulate or stand in the swimming pools, attached premises - and in the park in general - without a bathing suit. Swimsuits to be worn for access to the pools must be appropriate for hygiene, morals and comply with Public Safety regulations. Clothing that respects the sensibilities and modesty especially of minors is also required in the area.

4.16 The use of aquatic areas and/or attractions by the public must be done in such a way as to avoid exposure to risks and with care and prudence in order to avoid creating dangerous situations for themselves or others. The Guest, therefore, must observe the normal rules of prudence, and, in particular, must:

  • follow the prescriptions on the signs posted at the entrance to each water area or attraction;
  • scrupulously follow the directions regarding the use and enjoyment of the individual areas and/or attractions;
  • listen carefully to the directions and instructions given by the lifeguards and attendants present;
  • refrain from accessing attractions, entertainments and games that, due to their characteristics, and the limits of use indicated at the entrance to each attraction and/or entertainment, are considered by the Guest himself unsuitable for his personal characteristics.

For the safety of visitors, some areas/attractions are subject to regulations that may restrict their access and use depending on:

  • Height, age, physical constitution, and physical and/or health conditions.

Before entering the area or water attraction, each guest must always check the regulations and comply with the rules indicated in the appropriate signage, as well as follow the instructions given by the Park staff.

4.17 Management, in order to ensure the safety of its visitors may close one or more attractions in the area if necessary.It also reserves the right to restrict a visitor's use of the slides and other attractions at any time if it believes that this may be dangerous to his or her safety.

4.18 Management disclaims any responsibility for accidents or damage to persons or property caused by carelessness or failure to comply with Safety Regulations.

4.19 Children must be supervised by an adult throughout their stay inside the Park and are understood to be under his/her care.

4.20 Children and inexperienced swimmers must always be kept under constant supervision by parents or accompanying adults who are responsible for their supervision.

4.21 We recommend the use of life jackets for children, inexperienced swimmers and those who are unable to swim.Life jackets and supervising staff are not a substitute for supervision by parents or chaperones. Chaperones are reminded that it is essential to accompany children to the restrooms before entering the pool to avoid unpleasantness.

4.22 Pushing, diving and jumping into the water from the edges of the pools is prohibited.Running in the immediate vicinity of the pools may be dangerous.

4.23 It is forbidden for swimmers to use fins, masks, goggles, or anything else the Management may deem dangerous to pool-goers.

4.24 Management reserves the right to refuse entry to the pool and revoke the concession to anyone who disturbs good order or good service, or causes offense to decorum and morals.

4.25 The service staff may remove those who disturb with inappropriate behavior or attitudes.Such bathers will not be entitled to a refund of the entrance fee.

4.26 Animals are not allowed to enter the area.

4.27 Bicycles, skates, skateboards, drones, remote-controlled toys and devices, etc. are not allowed to enter the Park.

4.28 Smoking is prohibited in the attraction access/waiting areas, on the attractions themselves, in the performance areas, and in other places, both indoor and outdoor, where it is expressly prohibited.

4.29 The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco are strictly prohibited to persons under the age of 18.

4.30 In case of accidents, illness, loss, etc., please contact the Park staff.Please note that there is an infirmary inside the Park during the Park's opening hours, with a doctor available to provide initial assistance to customers, upon telephone contact at 0544 561764.

4.31 Customers are not allowed to trample on flower beds and/or damage plants and flowers. Picnicking is only allowed in the reserved areas in front of the Park entrance.

4.32 Do not leave bags, backpacks and valuables unattended.All liability is disclaimed in case of theft or loss. The Park disclaims any responsibility in case of theft or loss of items belonging to visitors. It is recommended to deposit, bags, helmets, car radios, phones, etc. at the storage room in the Park locker rooms.

4.33 Access to areas and/or sectors of the Park that are off limits to the public and/or reserved exclusively for Park Staff is strictly prohibited.

4.34 It is forbidden to bring glass containers into the area. At Mirabeach you can walk barefoot as well. In order to prevent pieces of glass from causing accidents, we kindly ask Customers to leave any glass containers in the deposit located at the entrance of the Area.

4.35 Video surveillance systems are in place in some areas of the Park for the sole purpose of ensuring safety and safeguarding company assets. The images are viewed by surveillance officers and can be accessed by designated personnel or public safety authorities. Behavior that does not comply with public safety regulations such as, for example, brawling, vandalism, vilification, harassment, selling or taking drugs, drunkenness, rallies or behaving in such a way as to disturb or compromise the enjoyment of other visitors is prohibited. The Guest is prohibited from any selling and leafleting activities, whether inside the Park or in the parking area. Similarly, the Guest must refrain from making statements, uttering phrases, using gestures, writing, or clothing that may offend the decorum and honorability of people and/or their religious beliefs and/or their origin and nationality.

4.36 For any needs or clarifications, Guests are invited to contact the Park's ticket offices.

4.37 Management reserves the right to change the opening schedule, hours, and fees without prior notice.

4.38 Service personnel are authorized to intervene at any time to demand compliance with these regulations.

4.39 In case of non-compliance with the rules of these regulations, violators will be removed from the Park, without prejudice to the Management's right, for more serious cases, to report to the Public Authorities.

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