Access rules

  1. Following the provisions issued by the Authorities in order to counter the spread of Covid-19 virus and for Park Guests and Employees health safety, each Guest entering the Park:
    • certifies for conclusive facts to have understood the content of these Regulations;
    • manifests adherence to the rules contained therein;
    • undertakes to comply with the provisions contained therein including,
      •  maintaining interpersonal distances of at least 1m between people who do not belong to their family unit;
      • compliance with personal hygiene measures through the appropriate and frequent washing of hands with soap and water or the use of hydroalcoholic gel;
      • the use of the mask, remembering that it is mandatory to wear it when you are queuing at the attractions, on board the same (with the exception of the water ones), inside closed rooms such as offices, shops, restaurants and theaters, and in any occasion in which it is not possible to keep the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter from other people who do not belong to your family.
    • He also declares under his own responsibility to:

      a) not be positive for Covid-19 virus;
      b) not be subject to the quarantine obligation;
      c) do not manifest fever (temperature over 37.5 °) or other flu symptoms (cough, cold, dyspnea, flu symptoms, sore throat, loss of sense of smell/taste, stomach pain or diarrhea);
      d) to have not had any contacts with people positive to Covid-19 in the last 15 days;
      e) to undertake to inform the doctor present in the infirmary of the presence of any flu symptoms during the stay in the Park.
  2. The general capacity of the Park has been remodeled according to the limitations applied to comply with the specific regulatory provisions for each area or sector of the Park. Once the maximum capacity has been reached, access to the Park will be temporarily closed.
  3. In order to guarantee everyone a safe stay in the Park, the responsible and aware collaboration of each Guest, called to respect the prescriptions, hygiene rules and new rules provided for by the Decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers, by the Ordinances of the territorially competent Authorities and sector guidelines.
  4. Inside the Park, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are available for Guests.
  5. All attractions, each with its queue-line, are outdoors, therefore they guarantee natural ventilation. Hand sanitising is mandatory before going onto any attraction.
  6. The show areas are outdoors and as for indoors spaces we guarantee a continuous air exchange.
  7. Most of the restaurants is outdoors, for those that are indoors we guarantee adequate ventilation. All places where tables are available guarantee the right distancing. Chairs and tables are sanitised after each usage.
  8. Stores undertake protocols of sector and guarantee a continuous air exchange.

Public safety rules

  1. In implementation of the measures to be adopted by order of the public security authority (Ravenna Prefecture - Fasc. 2015/9095 / Area 1 / OSP), in order to guarantee the safety conditions in areas intended for public gathering, the Management of the Mirabilandia Park - Parco della Standiana srl has adopted the following Regulations, which the visitors’ public must follow during access and stay within the Park:
  • People and their clothing, bags, sacks, backpacks and any other object may be subjected to security checks and inspections at the entrance, before entering the park, and inside the park. By security control and inspection we mean (1) a limited control over the visitor’s person, in order to ascertain the possible presence of objects potentially suitable to offend or damage the safety of others or to damage goods and things, (2) the inspection of bags, backpacks, bags, cases etc., and of other personal objects in the possession of the visitor himself, also through the use of metal detectors. With the request for access to the Park and / or with the purchase of the entrance ticket, the visitor accepts without reservation that security checks are carried out on his person, on his clothes, backpacks, containers, bags or other objects held by him, in compliance with the law and the provisions of these Regulations. The Mirabilandia Management reserves the right to deny entry to persons who intend to prevent the above checks and inspections, subject to reporting the facts to the competent Authority.
  • Access to the Park is not allowed to people with large objects such as, for example, trolleys, cool bags, suitcases, trolleys, with the exception of strollers, prams or the like for the transport of children or the disabled and holders of entrance ticket issued by Mirabilandia Vacanze. It follows that the Park reserves the right to limit access to any type of bag, suitcase or other container as well as its contents.
  • It is not allowed to leave bags, bags, backpacks and objects of any kind unattended, which, if necessary, will be placed in the appropriate unattended storage points at the attractions or at the Customer Service. The objects found unattended or unattended will be checked by the Park staff and taken to the Customer Service, where they can be collected. In this case, the legitimate owner of these objects cannot make any claim or request against the Park.
  • Entrance to the Park or the stay inside it is not allowed to owners of weapons, knives, sticks or offensive tools, even if only potential, as well as holders of alcoholic drinks, drugs and / or drugs, to misrepresented people or with your face covered.


·        Guests must READ and FOLLOW the Park rules, warnings and recommendations. They must also attend the Park and its attractions and spaces correctly and safley. Plus they must FOLLOW all instructions received from Park's staff.

·        Guests that accompany people that, for reasons of age and/or disability, cannot read or understand adequately these rules, or the warnings and recommendations supplied by the Park's staff, must ensure that instructions are explained adequately. Park's staff is available for information and clarification.

·        Guests must act responsibly for their own safety and health, for the safety and healf of people they carry with them and for other visitors and workers at the Park.


·        ATTENTION! Please be aware of your adequate physical and emotional condition before using any attraction.

·        Attractions and other areas of the Park may offer to our visitors wonderful memories and thrilling fun! But water attractions and areas might also be adrenalinic activities that stress your body through different forces (centripetal and centrifugal), speed, quick and un predictable movements that will push you in different directions and might cause muscular tension or stress to your neck and back, increse in cardiofrequency and blood pressure.

·        It is very important that you and your family DO NOT use attractions or take part in any activity if you have consumed alcohol, medications or any substance that might compromise your health, your senses, your mental awareness, reflexes and coordination.

·        Do not use any attractions of take part in any activity if you are, or suspect to be, pregnant, it you have, have had or believe to have any medical condition, previous health problem to your heart, nervous system, back, neck, bones, joints, brain, eyes, ears or any illness or disease that may be unleashed or exacerbated by using the attractions or taking part in the activity.

·        Only you can determine if you or your family are mentally or phisically strong enough to use safely an attractions or take part of one of the activities we offer.

·        The Park cannot guarantee for your health and your family's health in case of behaviour outside of these rules.

·        Please remember that you accept the risks connected to using any attractions or taking part to any activity. If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help.

General rules

  1. Before purchasing the ticket, the Guest must inform himself of any problems related to the influx, climatic conditions or technical problems that could limit the operation of one or more attractions and the general use of the Park and / or related services.
  2. Disabled guests and their accompanying persons, before entering the Park, must read the specific Accessibility Guide published on the Park website and comply with the provisions indicated therein.
  3. The entrance ticket endorsed at the turnstiles is non-refundable. The ticket must be kept during the entire stay in the Park and on request exhibited to the Park staff and / or to the competent Authorities.
  4. Access to attractions may be closed early, compared to the closing time of the Park, to allow previously waiting customers to use the attractions within the expected closing time.
  5. For maintenance needs, some attractions may not be usable, just as in case of bad weather or rain they may be stopped for safety reasons. In both cases there is no refund of the ticket. In the event of an emergency, scrupulously follow the instructions given by the Park’s safety staff.
  6. The use of attractions by the public must be done in such a way as to avoid exposure to risks, and with attention and prudence, in order to avoid creating dangerous situations for oneself or others. The Guest, therefore, must respect the normal rules of prudence, and, in particular, must:
    -   comply with the instructions on the signs posted at the entrance of each attraction;
    -   scrupulously follow the instructions on the use of security systems present on the individual attractions;
    -   listen carefully to the indications and instructions given by the assistants and attraction staff;
    -   refrain from accessing attractions, entertainment and games which, due to their characteristics, and to the limits of use indicated at the entrance of each attraction and / or entertainment, are deemed by the Guest himself not adequate for his personal characteristics.
  7. The Guests, when they access the attractions, have a duty to behave responsibly and attentively, refraining from behaviors that do not comply with the instructions and prescriptions present on each attraction, and those imparted by the staff in charge, or that are suitable to prejudice their safety, the safety of other Guests or of the attractions themselves.
  8. For the safety of guests, each attraction is subject to usage requirements in relation to age, height, weight and physical or health conditions; each Guest is therefore invited to scrupulously comply with what is indicated in the indications for use located at the entrance of each attraction. Please note that for some attractions, access may be forbidden to:
    -   children under 3 years old;
    -   pregnant women;
    -   disabled people whose characteristics are such that they cannot guarantee their own or others’ safety and security in the use of the attractions.
    The use of attractions is not recommended for elderly, cardiopathic or mentally ill people.
    Please remember that, with the exception of attractions for which use is expressly excluded, children and / or teenagers with physical and / or mental disabilities must be accompanied on board the attraction by a parent or an adult companion.
  9. Access to theaters and show areas is allowed until the expected capacities are exhausted.
  10. It is not allowed to skip queue or keeping place in a queue for other people. Please wait for your turn respectfully.
  11. Children must be supervised by an adult throughout their stay in the Park and are considered to be in its custody.
  12. Animals are allowed to access the Park provided that they are properly guarded - e.g. pet carriers, cages and for dogs only if kept on a leash and muzzled equipped. However, their entry into theaters, attractions and dining areas is prohibited.
  13. Entrance to the park is not allowed with bicycles, skates, skateboards, drones, toys and remote-controlled appliances etc.
  14. Smoking is prohibited in the access / waiting areas of the attractions, on the attractions themselves, in the show areas as well as in the places where it is expressly prohibited.
  15. It is forbidden to move around the Park and to access attractions, shows, shops, refreshment points and merchandising with a shirtless, bathing suit and barefoot.
  16. Bathing is prohibited in all the park’s water basins.
  17. Alcohol purchase and consuption is strictly forbidden for those under 18 years old.
  18. In case of accidents, illness, loss, etc., contact the Park staff. Please note that inside the park, during the park’s opening hours, there is an infirmary, with a doctor available to provide customers with an initial assistance, by contacting the telephone number 0039 0544 561233.
  19. It is allowed to leave the park and return on the same day after affixing the appropriate stamp, to be requested from the staff at the entrances. In the absence of this stamp, to be shown together with the entrance ticket, the return will no longer be allowed.
  20. The Guest must follow the pedestrian paths within the Park. It is therefore not allowed to step on the flower beds and / or damage plants and flowers. The picnic is allowed only in the reserved areas; it is forbidden to lie down or sleep on the benches.
  21. The park declines all responsibility in the event of theft or loss of objects belonging to visitors. We recommend that you deposit bags, helmets, car radios, telephones, etc. at the warehouse located at Customer Service.
  22. Access to areas and / or sectors of the Park which are prohibited to the public and / or reserved exclusively for Park Staff is strictly prohibited. For the recovery of objects fallen within these areas, contact Customer Service.
  23. Video surveillance systems are active in some areas of the park, for the sole purpose of guaranteeing safety and safeguarding the company’s assets. The images are viewed by the surveillance staff and can be consulted by the staff in charge or by the public security authorities. In addition, photographic images are taken in some attractions for the purpose of selling them as souvenir photos.
  24. Behaviors that do not comply with public safety regulations are prohibited, such as, for example, fighting, vandalism, cowardice, harassment, drug use, drunkenness, rallies. All sales and leafleting activities are prohibited for the Guest, both within the Park and in the parking area. In the same way, the Guest must refrain from making statements, uttering phrases, using gestures, writings or clothing that may offend the dignity and honorability of people and / or their religious faith and / or their origin and nationality.
  25. In the event of non-compliance with the rules of this regulation, the transgressors will be removed from the Park, without prejudice to the Management’s right, for the most serious cases, to report the facts to the Public Authority.
  26. The Management reserves the right to modify the opening calendar, times and rates or these Regulations without notice.
  27. For any need or clarification, Guests are invited to contact the Customer Service of the Mirabilandia Park.


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