1. The following Annual Passes available for the 2024 season:

  • season pass "Gold"
  • season pass "VIP"

    Both allow entry to Mirabeach and Mirabilandia, according to their respective opening times.

2. Annual Passes are issued at the time of purchase - upon delivery of a duly completed Subscription Form signed by the subscriber/pass holder - and is received by the Subscriber or their delegate.

3. Annual passes are nominative and strictly personal, therefore not transferable.

4. To access Mirabeach, the pass holder must always show his Annual Pass and confirm his identity using photographic ID at the automatic stations located within the park on his first Park visit of the season. During your first visit to the Park, in order to validate your annual pass you will be asked to show valid photo ID (under 14s will be asked to show a health card or birth certificate alongside authenticated photo) and proceed with image scanning by the display system, which will be used for identification on subsequent visits.

5. The recognition procedure is then mandatory for all subsequent visits. The mere showing of the annual pass is not sufficient for the Pass Holder to obtain access to the Park.

6. In the event of loss or theft of the Pass, in order to prevent any improper use the Member must take a self-certification confirming the loss/theft to the Park Information Office to initiate immediate suspension of the missing Pass. Consequently, if a replacement Pass needs to be issued, the Member will be asked to pay €6.00 to cover administrative charges.

7. In the event of changes made by Mirabilandia to the seasonal calendar, be they changes in opening days or times, there is no reimbursement for the cost of the season pass.

8. In the event of irregular or incorrect use of the Annual Pass, Park Management reserves the right to withdraw the Admission Pass, at their sole discretion.

9. Finally, we inform customers that the possibility of paying in cash is guaranteed throughout the Park. However, at the Park's points of sale such as ticket offices, restaurants and shops, there are cash desks where payment can only be made by debit/credit cards or mobile devices. In any case, at least one desk for cash payment is always available for visitors. The points of sale are equipped with special information panels.

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The Park in your hands!

The Park in your hands!