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The present privacy policy is aimed to describe terms and conditions of this site, as far as processing of data referring to site visitors is concerned.

The Site is property of the Company Parco della Standiana Srl, sole partner, located in Savio (RA Italy) – 48125 – Strada Statale 16 Adriatica km 162.

Parco della Standiana Srl and its controlling Company Parques Reunidos Group are committed to protecting your privacy according to Italian law about personal data protection (D.Lgs 196/03).

By using this site you agree to be bound by the present Privacy Policy.

We hereby remind you that you are bound to respect the current terms and conditions for personal data protection any time you will be visiting this site. Therefore we ask you to kindly verify current conditions concerning data protection any time you will be entering this website, in order to verify that you still agree with the policy. Users/visitors are kindly requested to carefully read the present Privacy Policy before entering any kind of personal information and/or fill in any electronic form on the site itself.

Type of data processed and processing aims

1) Surfing data

The computer systems and software procedures this site is based upon acquire, during normal use, some personal data that are then implicitly transmitted by using the internet communication protocols.

This information is not acquired to be associated with identified persons, but, for its own nature, could lead to the user’s identification through further processing and association with data owned by third parties.

To this category belong IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by the visitors of this website, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the required resources, time of the request, way of submitting the request to the server, dimension of the answer file, numerical code indicating state of server answer (succeeded, error e.g.) and other parameters referring to the operating system and computer of the user.

These data are used for strictly statistics purposes (and are therefore anonymous) and to verify the correct functioning of the site; they are immediately cancelled after processing.

These data could be used to verify responsibility in the event of computer crime against the site; this case excepted, the data on web contacts do not exist longer than seven days.

2) Data provided voluntarily by the user

The optional, thus explicit and voluntary entering of any personal information or data (as for instance name, surname, e-mail address, phone number etc.), that may be requested in some sections of this site, will lead to the consequent acquirement of the information entered itself.

In order to have access to and complete certain services, such as the purchase of Park entrance tickets, the purchase of the offer “Mirabilandia + Hotel” or for the section Mirabilandia Shop on line, it will be indeed necessary to enter information regarding credit card or other related information to proceed with the payment of the requested service. We hereby remind you that that information will transit only on the sites of the Banking Institute operating the transaction.

Information in accordance with art.13 D Lgs 196/2003

In accordance with art.13 D Lgs 196/2003 (Privacy Legislation) we inform you that data processing will follow principles of lawfulness and transparency in order to guarantee the privacy and rights of the users.

The present information apply only to the sites of Parco della Standiana Srl and Travelmix Srl and not to any other linked website possibly visited by the user.

We hereby intend to clarify that requested data belong to the category of general personal data and do not include sensitive personal data, for the processing of which the Law requires particular care and restrictions.

In order to allow a proper evaluation of the kind of processing your personal data will be submitted to, we hereby inform you of the following:

A) Aim of data collecting and processing

Acquired personal data will be stored in files controlled jointly by Parco della Standiana Srl and its controlling company Parques Reunidos, as Co-owners of the personal data (here following “Co-owners”).

The Co-owners will collect and process entered data for following aims: collect and store data according to any law obligation, rule and European norm; collect, process and store data for aims strictly connected with and necessary to fulfil the request of service you may have entered through the site; process retrieved data in order to define commercial profile; send information about Park activities and events and/or about activities and events of the companies owned by the Group Parques Reunidos (to get the complete list of the companies of the Group, please check the homepage; run surveys, market researches, statistics surveys, commercial communications or direct marketing activities referring to products and services of the Amusement branch (Amusement Parks and Hotels) by using any communication means (included e-mail and fax).

B) Way of data collecting and processing

Data will be processed on paper, and secondly on electronic supports in such a way to guarantee safety and privacy, as stated by safety norms of the Italian and European Law. In particular, data will be processed by means of their acquirement, consulting, classification and listing.

C) Data circulation and transferring

According to the above listed aims, the user’s/visitor’s authorization to data processing implies that:

entered data can be transferred within the companies of the Group Parques Reunidos as well as to Companies or Institutions (any of which is responsible for data processing) collaborating to pursue the listed aims on behalf of the Co-owners;

the Co-owners as well as the above mentioned Companies or Institutions (who can disclose neither in part nor in full the data to third parties) are entitled to determine objective parameters of data collecting as well as availability for direct marketing activities.

D) Authorization to data processing and consequences of denial

The authorization to data processing, even though optional, is necessary to fulfil the above mentioned aims; therefore, the denial of such authorization could lead to the consequence

that the Co-owners cannot fulfil the activities listed above.


Cookies are pieces of information containing a unique anonymous identification code that a web site transfers to an individual's hard drive for record keeping purposes. The cookie is then read and recognized only by the web site that transferred it in the first place, any time you will connect to the site again.

You always have the option of disabling these cookies via your browser menu. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you prefer, you can set yours to refuse them or to tell you when they are being sent.

We will not use cookies to transfer personally identifiable information, nor will we use persistent cookies of any kind such as systems aimed to users’ tracking.

The use of section cookies (that are not stored by the user’s hard drive and will disappear when disconnecting) is strictly related to the transmission of section identification codes (casual numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow a safe and efficient surfing of the site.

Section cookies used in this site do not use other computer techniques that could endanger the user’s privacy when surfing the site and do not allow to retrieve personally identifiable information about the user.

Mirabilandia and the privacy of the minors

We do know that children learn really fast how to use a computer. Our little friends spend most of their free time surfing the internet. On one hand, it certainly is for them a way and a place to learn and have fun, but on the other hand – considering their lack of experience and naivety – they could involuntarily enter personal information and data.

Mirabilandia considers it a primary issue to guarantee the safety and protect the on-line privacy of our little guests. On our site they can have fun and surf in total safety; however we do encourage parents and guardians to spend time on-line with them and surf together. It is the best way to check which sites they visit, to address them to sites suitable for them and to explain them the reasons why it is important NOT to enter your full name, address or other personal information in sites or chats before receiving explicit prior consent to do so.

Therefore we have developed interactive areas dedicated to children. In case it is necessary to acquire personal information from them, we will only require minimum information strictly necessary to participate in the interactive activity and remind them to ask and obtain their parents’ permit before entering any personal data.

We further require to enter their parents’ e-mail address in order to inform parents via e-mail message of the request received, confirm the succeeded registration and ask for their consent to record any information received.

If a minor has entered personal data, the parents or guardians are entitled to request deletion of these data at any time, by writing to us via e-mail or ordinary mail. We will do our best to satisfy you request asap.

We further remind you that all data collected in the site areas dedicated to our little guests will be always processed according to the dispositions of this Privacy Policy.

Co-owners of data collecting and processing

Parques Reunidos Servicios Centrales, S.A.U.
located in Madrid 28046 - Spain - Paseo de la Castellana 216, planta 16

Parco della Standiana Srl
located in Savio 48125 (RA) - Italy -Strada Statale 16 Adriatica km 162

Customer’s rights on data processing

In accordance with art.7 D.Lgs. 196/2003 the user has the right to request at any time confirmation of the presence of his/her own personal data, as well as to update, change or correct them in part or in full or request deletion of the information we have and deny their processing for the aims as listed above (see A2) or for the aim of retrieving commercial information or sending advertising materials (see A3, A4, A5). For the above mentioned purposes, the user shall notify the Co-owners of data processing in writing, by sending registered mail addressed to both Co-owners, specifying “ARCO request” in the object field of the letter and sending copy of ID attached.

Privacy policy modifications

We reserve the right to make changes to this Policy from time to time as necessary, also in accordance with new regulations and laws or new technological innovations, or in case we update our services and/or introduce new ones.

We therefore remind you to check the present pages regularly.